Subclass 457 Employer Sponsored Temporary Visa

What is a Subclass 457 visa and who is it for?

  • A 457 visa is an Australian visa which allows skilled workers and their families to live in Australia and work for their employers for up to four years in their skilled occupation.
  • Applicants either find themselves an employer willing to sponsor them, or they can set up and use their own company to sponsor them if they can show there is a genuine need for the position (It’s vital you contact a Registered Migration Agent to assist you with this type of application).
  • Applicants must nominate occupation listed on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) – and meet the skills requirements for the occupation.
  • Prospective 457 employers must be an approved business sponsor to sponsor employees on 457 visas.
  • After the employer becomes an approved business sponsor and nominates the prospective employee, visa applicants can then apply for a 457 visa based on the employer’s nomination.
  • The 457 visa holder must work exclusively for the sponsoring employer unless they make arrangements to transfer their 457 visa to another employer or transition to an Employer Nominated permanent residence visa or switch to another type of visa.

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