Skilled Nominated Visa, sub-class 190

The sub-class 190 visa is a skilled visa, and a nominated visa where a nomination from a State or a Territory government agency is required. Should you be granted a visa under this subclass there are obligations to undertake, such as that candidate needs to live and work for minimum of 2 years in the nominating state and to participate in surveys conducted by the state, amongst other responsibilities.

This is a points-tested visa, for skilled workers, with minimum of 60 points required to be considered.

Contact Us for further information. We will advise you regarding your options, and which visa sub-class will be most suitable for your needs.

When you receive the Letter of Invitation, you must have the following;

  1. Nominate an occupation that is on the relevant Consolidated Skilled Occupation List,
  2. Obtain a suitable skills assessment for that occupation,
  3. Be below 50 years of age,
  4. Achieve the score specified in your Letter of Invitation based on the factors in the points test,
  5. Have at least competent English, and
  6. Been nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency.

We will provide you with a realistic assessment of your chances of success with this visa, and will advise you accordingly. We will guide you regarding submission of the Expression of Interest (EOI), your nominations, with suitable and acceptable proof, and prepare the necessary documentation to maximise your chances to be granted this visa. Contact us to assess your options.